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So you've realised that you have way too much stuff at home that you no longer use. In fact, some of the items make you feel positively guilty every time you lay eyes on them. Yes, you know what I mean – that exercise bike that you were convinced was going to get you back into shape. Pity the instructions didn't say that you had to use the damn thing.....Oh well maybe next year.

So what do you do with all your unwanted items? Well you have several options:
• You can give them away
• You can donate them to a charity
• You can sell them.

The first two options are self explanatory but the third needs some further investigation. Selling your goods can be quite tricky. You can advertise in the local newspapers or in the junk mail. However, you run the risk of exposing yourself to potential danger - The most dangerous being that criminals gain easy access to your home posing as bona fide purchasers.

Why expose your loved ones to this threat - Cut out the risk totally!!

Bring in your stuff to Execu-Pawn and we will give you a great deal on your unwanted goods. Alternatively, if the item is too large for you to transport, we will gladly come to your home/premises to give you an appraisal. There is a nominal charge of R350 for this service (within 10 km radius). Book your visit here. Alternatively, you can send us photographs of the items you want to sell and we will give you a quotation based on what we see in the photograph.

Just consider what you could do with the extra cash.....go on dream a little!!

Please ensure that all items must be complete and in good working order. Cameras, video recorders and computers/laptops must be supplied with all the relevant software, download cables, chargers and manuals. All passwords or pin codes to operate the item must either be deleted or handed in to the Execu-Pawn staff before any money can be handed over.

NB: Items will NOT be bought unless they are complete and in good working order!!

So to recap:

  • Bring in your items and we will happily give you an appraisal
  • For items that are too large to carry-in we will come out to your premises to appraise the items at a fee of R350 (10km radius of our store)
  • You take photos of the items and email them to us using the form on this page. Please make sure the image sizes are relatively small in size (less than 500kb)
  • Our quotations provided for emailed requests are based on what we can see in the photo. in other words the article must be in good condition! If we discover scratches, tears, holes, stains and broken frames etc we reserve the right to cancel our offer for non-disclosure. So rather be upfront and disclose the true state of the item.  

We will give you an offer on the following:

Gold & Jewellery
Fine Watches
Musical instruments
Cell Phones
Audio Equipment
Tools & Hardware
Household Furniture
Golf Clubs

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