Second Hand Dealer 

Don't go and buy new stuff!

Yes, we understand that people prefer to purchase new rather than second hand items. Let's consider why that is the case - we feel good unpacking the new item and using it for the first time. Unfortunately, that feeling quickly fades.
Some people also have a negative view about dealing with second hand dealers in general. Somehow they think it's below them....

So let's look at this from a different angle. Sometimes we need to change our mindset. We need to look at why we feel or react in a certain way. What if you could get the same item at a reduced price? Yes you wouldn't have that initial burst of euphoria unpacking the item. But you would feel satisfied in another way - you got what you wanted and just saved a bundle of cash!

Now that feels good!

Now isn't that worth getting over that negative mindset.....sure it is!

You see, often someone will sell an item that is only slightly used purely because it doesn't meet their needs any more or they simply don't use it. If you're lucky, sometimes the item will be brand new. Perhaps the person was given a gift that they already have or they simply don't want the item. So why shouldn't it be you that gets the bargain?

So come on in now!

You never know what you may find at Execu-Pawn Second Hand Dealers.

We Stock:

Musical instruments
Audio equipment
Professional audio equipment
DIY Tools
Industrial Tools

Power Tools
Photographic equipment
Jewellery & Watches
Fishing tackle
Exercise equipment

And more......Come Take a Look!

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