Hot Moving Items

ExecuPawn's Hot Moving Items

There are a number of items which are consistently in demand and that we consider to be our "hot moving items". These include:ExecuPawn-Hot Moving-Items

  • Games
  • DVD's
  • Gold jewellery
  • Fridges
  • Tools
  • LCD TV's


We carry pre-owned games for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and Windows computers. So before you rush off to the new store come in and browse through our list of titles. Chances are that you may find exactly what you are looking for. The games on offer include Action, Adventure, EA Classics, Children, Driving, Strategy, Fighting and Sports.


We have a large range of movie DVD's and Series sets as well. It's one our fast moving lines because people bring in units every week so there is always something to appeal to your movie tastes.
At the moment we are offering all single DVD movies at a special price of R24.00 each. However, if you purchase 5 units you will pay R20.00 per DVD. It costs you more to hire a movie than buying from us. Now that price is HOT….

Gold Jewellery

ExecuPawn-Gold-JewelleryFor a long time now, the gold price has consistently been high on the world markets. This represents a significant opportunity for those folks who find themselves in a cash strapped position. You can either sell or pawn your gold jewellery at a highly competitive rate and get hold of some much needed cash very quickly.



Fridges and freezers are always in high demand. Our pricing is excellent and you can often pick up a fridge that is excellent condition at way below what you would pay for a new one. We generally have a number of units available.


We carry a huge range of tools for the professional as well as for the DIY enthusiast. Our tools include:ExecuPawn-Tools

  • Pneumatic (air impact wrench, air ratchet, airbrush, blow gun, jackhammer, angle grinder, drill, jack, nail gun, sandblaster, paint sprayer etc)
  • Hand (pliers, vicegrips, screw drivers, socket sets, clamps, hammers, torque wrenches, tape measures, rivet guns, staple guns, files etc)
  • Electric (drills, jigsaws, planers, sanders, saws, cut-off saws, angle grinders etc)
  • Builders (trowels, chisels, bolsters, plastering, crowbars, levels, squares etc)
  • Garden (weed eaters, brush cutters, spades, forks, chainsaws, pruning shears etc)
  • Hardware (glues, nuts, bolts, paint brushes, plumbing, drill bits etc)


LCD TV's are still very much in demand - what with technologies and pricing improving all the time. Our prices are very good when compared to what you would pay for new items. Here again, it makes sense to come in and view what we have to offer on the floor.

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