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Do you possess any broken jewellery, loose earrings or gold pieces?

The fact is that lots of people have old gold jewellery like rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, pendants, broken chains, old gold watches or gold watch cases and other items made from precious metals.

You've probably forgotten about the small fortune you have sitting in your drawers or jewellery case or buried under a pile of jerseys at the back of the cupboard.

In most cases, the pieces are out of fashion, broken or worn or are not worth repairing. You've put them away carefully and probably wonder why anyone would want to buy them or whether it's worth selling at all?

Well, the excellent news is that precious metals and diamonds always retain their value and many pieces increase in value over time. There is no point in hanging onto that old jewellery that you haven't worn in ages. Sell us the item and use the proceeds to purchase something modern – you deserve it.

Please note that we do not quote on gram price alone!
We have learnt from 21 year experience in the field of handling gold and precious stones. We prefer to give you a more accurate figure based on considerations such as whether the piece is hand made, the quality of the stone etc. We do not base our value on weight alone....

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous dealers out there that will offer a per weight price and then set the scales back. Our price quoted has being regularly proven to be higher based on this assessment. It is for this reason that we would prefer to see the items of jewellery and will offer a free quotation amount only once the item has being professinally accessed.

We pay cash for gold!!

We pay top market related prices for Krugerrand coins. Please contact us here for our daily price as this is subject to the prevailing Gold price. We also accept diamonds and fine collectable branded watches such as:

Tag Heuer

Please ensure that the item presented is, in fact, a genuine article. The products are checked thoroughly and the agents will destroy any fakes handed to them – you have been warned!

It's reassuring to note that the Execu-Pawn buyer is qualified with the Jewellery Council of South Africa to deal with diamonds and gemstones. We are also members of the Second Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Board and the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

We always endeavour to offer the most cash for gold or jewellery, so if you need cash quickly why not contact us or come in for a confidential appraisal.

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